A Regular Exercise Schedule in Four Easy Steps

Finding the time for a regular exercise schedule can seem impossible.  Some experts suggest you exercise a few minutes here or there, but doing that consistently can be difficult. On the other hand, setting aside blocks of time to exercise seems unrealistic for people who feel their schedules are simply too busy.  By following these … Read moreA Regular Exercise Schedule in Four Easy Steps

3 Morning Exercises to Get a Muscular Back and Strong Abs Using a Double Decker Bed

If you think that you need to be training in a gym to get a muscular back, think again. There are always other alternative. And this exercise ideas came about when I bought a double decker bed recently. You can train your back muscles and abs using this bed. Interested to find out more? There … Read more3 Morning Exercises to Get a Muscular Back and Strong Abs Using a Double Decker Bed

Get Fit Easier With Fitness Routine

Working out a few times each week is not the only part of getting fit and healthy. Don’t worry–your exercise routines are still important! Your body needs exercise to keep its muscles and joints working correctly. The thing is, true fitness involves eating a healthy diet and making healthy lifestyle choices. True fitness requires more … Read moreGet Fit Easier With Fitness Routine

A Brief History of Exercise Part II

Lacking a sure path, the industry succumbed to trends and counter-trends. In the early 90s step-aerobics hit health clubs claiming to be the answer to knee problems. After a decade of step-aerobics, however, its students noticed that their bodies were not only failing to become more buff. Many were seeing negative results: a chunky appearance, … Read moreA Brief History of Exercise Part II

Top Home Exercise Suggestions – Tips For Making The Most Of Your Home Workout Routines

Working out from home has several advantages to it. You can save money and time by not having to visit a gym. Working out at home will also allow you to avoid the intimidation of a gym where hardcore bodybuilders might smirk at the small weights that you lift. That being said, working out at … Read moreTop Home Exercise Suggestions – Tips For Making The Most Of Your Home Workout Routines

Fifteen Minute Yoga Routine

We live in a sound-byte age where our daily demands leave us with little time for exercise, at least in the mornings when it may perhaps be most efficient. However, Yoga offers a systematic combination of poses, deep breathing and meditation that you could practice in 5-10 minutes-or less depending on your choice-and will also … Read moreFifteen Minute Yoga Routine

Types Of Exercise Routines

By exercise routines we should understand the frequency and the intensity of physical exercises performed over a determined period of time, usually a week. The purpose of the training also shapes the way the workout is carried out; thus, if your goal is weight loss, then, you should practice around 60 minutes for up to … Read moreTypes Of Exercise Routines

Top 10 Home Exercise Routines

Want to get in shape without joining a gym and without the expense of purchasing exercise equipment for your home? No problem. Here are 10 home exercise routines that require no equipment. 1. Jumping Jacks – Yes, good old fashioned jumping jacks-the same exercise we did as kids. They are an excellent warm-up exercise to … Read moreTop 10 Home Exercise Routines

Exercise For College Students

For anyone, especially college students, finding time to work out can be challenging. Most college kids cannot afford to install gym flooring, home exercise equipment, or home fitness equipment into their little apartments to avoid going to health center. There is also the issue of time commitment. Most students today go to school full time … Read moreExercise For College Students