A Regular Exercise Schedule in Four Easy Steps

A Regular Exercise Schedule in Four Easy Steps

Finding the time for a regular exercise schedule can seem impossible.  Some experts suggest you exercise a few minutes here or there, but doing that consistently can be difficult. On the other hand, setting aside blocks of time to exercise seems unrealistic for people who feel their schedules are simply too busy.  By following these steps, you can incorporate a regular exercise schedule into your week to start or maintain your own exercise plan.

1. You don’t have to exercise every day.  To start, pick just three one hour time slots per week. Once you are into your routine, decide if you want to add more time or days.  For some people, those three days  may be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  For others, a Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday combination might work. It doesn’t matter what days you pick, as long as you stick to them consistently.

2. Protect those exercise times as if your life depends on them, because it does.  It’s easy to pick an exercise time that contains too many schedule conflicts.  Treat that exercise time as if it were your most important meeting of the day.  Never schedule a meeting, dinner engagement or power breakfast that will interfere with your exercise time slot. Find a time that really fits your lifestyle.  For some it may be earlier in the morning, before the demands of work and family start. For others it may be in the evening to reduce the stress of a busy day.

3. When you feel too tired to exercise, and it is your selected time to go, go anyway.  Tell yourself to try it for just 15 minutes and if you still feel terrible go home.  I’ve talked myself into this many times, and have gone home just once in the last few years.

4. Maintain your motivation by focusing on how good you will feel after you exercise.  Use that image to get yourself to your workout.  Think about how much energy you will have, how you will feel proud of yourself for completing your exercising, or how clear-headed you might feel when you are done and onto your next activity.

No matter what type of exercise plan you choose — the gym, pool, or a DVD in front of your television–following these guidelines can help you achieve consistent results. For more information visit http://www.healthy-diet-mom.com/exercise-schedule.html