Best Home Exercise Video Program For You

Best Home Exercise Video Program For You

Over the past year, I have completely dumped the gym, and started a new fitness quest which solely used home exercise videos. I discovered they are a great way to get in an amazing workout on a regular and flexible basis. You can plug in your DVD, hit play, and workout in the privacy of your own home any time you like. Your workout schedule is no longer dictated by your local gym’s hours of operation, or times that are overly congested. There are however, several factors that you should consider before purchasing any home exercise video.

As you should before you start any new exercise program, you should consult with your physician, and get a full checkup. Your physician will let you know if you are in good general health and if you have any types of restrictions on what type of fitness program you should engage in. Additionally, the outcomes of your physical exam could give you indicators of what types of exercises you need to focus on to address any particular weaknesses.

Once you have the green light from your doc, next you need to begin researching and finding the right video for your current fitness level. Don’t get hung-up on where you want to be in a year from now, but rather think of each program is one step along the way. What type of exercise do you need now to move to the next level? If you are a beginner, finally getting off the couch, and haven’t been on a fitness program in years, I highly suggest you start with beginner level exercise programs. You may feel a little silly at first, but as you proceed through the program, you’ll find you enjoy it more, grow more confident, and more apt to stick with the program.

Time is an important factor for most of us. Look for videos that have workouts in time increments that fit your schedule. For example, if you are just starting out it may be best keep your workouts limited to 20-30 minutes. With smaller and more manageable time increments, you are much more likely to carve out that time and not leave the DVD sitting on the shelf.

Self motivation and commitment is always a key aspect of any home workout program. You have to find that inner drive, and that one reason that motivates you, whether your goals are general fitness, weight loss, toning up, or building muscle. Keep pushing play, be consistent, and stick with the program.

Home exercise videos are a great way to get in great shape, tone up those muscles, lose the spare tire, or get beach ready; in the privacy of your own home and on your schedule. If you make sure you are healthy enough for the exercise program, select a video that is right for you and your fitness goals and work with your time constraints, you will be on the path for success. Don’t waste anymore time. Get started on your new fit lifestyle today!

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