City Life: 5 Minutes Early In The Morning All Buttoned Paiduyangyan Thin

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The early morning hours for office workers, always nervous, but if used properly, even 5 minutes can make the body, face a major improvement, is essential to uphold and attention.

1, a glass of dilute brine

Wake up, with warm salt water for his cup of light. Salt concentration in the drink is put out of salt water, there is not a salt level. The first cup of morning light salt water can help the body metabolites night discharge body, but also reduce the body’s anger, especially for dry winter.

2, a cup of warm water for

Light after another cup of warm salt water, the body of water as a supplement, or as a reserve next yoga. Drink two cups of water, even if the feeling is support, it can be inserted in the middle wash, packed beds of the work, saving time, but also to the body of a digestion process, the following yoga exercise will not be caused by water and more visceral sag.

3, yoga – tree style Chose the early morning hours of practice to tree type, because in the early morning, the body is an important task is to sleep when the metabolism of waste removed from the body, while the tree-type effect with the bowel, just to help the body to complete its “cases line of work. ” Tree type can relieve constipation, hyperacidity, stomach bloating, indigestion and other symptoms of kidney and urinary system is also good.

Exercise steps: 1, standing, normal breathing.

2, left leg standing, his right leg from the knee bent, right leg raised above the left thigh on the outside of the heel and foot hold in the upper left thigh. Right foot slightly reversed, pressure on the left thigh, but do not use the heel, lateral heel compression and application of the left leg. When the outer heel firmly on the pressure in the left thigh, the left leg straight and the whole body to be taut. (You can also use the palm close to the left thigh, right foot)

3, inhale, your hands from your sides up to the head. When both hands lifted to the top of the head, hands together, palms on your head, wrists close to the head.

4, five deep breaths to maintain, restore, for the other side to do.

4, yoga – a large circular

Large circular speed up your metabolism and blood circulation, help the body adapt quickly to start their working day from the sleep process.

Exercise steps: 1, standing, normal breathing.

2, step to the left leg, toes facing the left side, knees bent, right leg, keeping even his legs into a bow and arrow step. Index finger cross, suction, palm turned outward, and arms the whole country heads to the right of the pull, the elbow does not bend as much as possible. Whole body in a plane.

3, five deep breaths to maintain, restore, for the other side to do.

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