Lose That Belly Fat in No Time With These Simple 10 Minute Fat Burning Workouts

• No time? No excuse. It has been proven that 10minutes of exercise throughout the day is just as beneficial as those long laborious routines in the gym.

• Interval training is the best way to burn maximum fat. By alternating periods of high intensity exercise with periods of lower intensity you will soon see the difference.

• For maximum results aim to make each high intensity exercise really challenging so much that you are desperate by the end to drop the intensity.

Why it works?

In only ten minute bursts you can push yourself a lot harder boosting your metabolism for 24hours or more.

How Often

There is no need to work out 6 days a week for 90 minutes. Start by adding 3 ten minute intense workouts into your week then increase the amount as you get fitter. You’ll soon discover anyone and everyone can lose fat in a short amount of time. You may already be fit but find it hard to shift that belly fat. Add these into your schedule and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results!

Bodyweight Interval Workouts

10 Minute Fat Burning Workout 1

Jump Squats x 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
X5 times

Burpees x 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
X 5 times

10 Minute Fat Burning Workout 2

SB Plank x 30sec
Lying Leg Curls x 30sec
Star Jumps x 30sec

Rest 30sec – Repeat 3 times = 6minutes.

Squat x 20 sec
Squat Sit Hold x 10sec
X 2 times.

Press-Up x 20sec
Press-Up Plank x 10 sec
X 2 times.

Repeat again = 4 minutes
Total 10 minutes.

Advanced 10 Minute Fat Burning workout

A1. DB Step-Ups x 6 each leg
A2. Jacknife Press-Ups x 6

Superset A1 & A2. Doing as many sets as you can in 10 minutes – resting as little as possible.

Beginner 10 Minute Fat Burning Circuit

A1. Prisoner Squat x 30 sec
A2. Pres-Up x 30 sec
A3. Lunges x 30 sec
A4. Plank x 30 sec
A5. Jump Squat x 30 sec

Rest 1 Minute – Repeat 3 Times.

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