Tower 200 Reviews – Get An 11 Minute Full Body Workout

If you belong to a gym then you are use to going home changing and then taking that frustrating drive to the gym. Then you go through your workout, change your gym clothes, and the take that same long drive back to home. The workout that was supposed to be only one hour has turned into an hour and forty minute ordeal.

You will most likely spend five hours a week in traffic trying to get the gym. I agree with you that it should be a little easier than this. I’m sure you want an intense but quality workout . If that is what your idea of a workout is, then you are in luck.

The Tower 200 by Body by Jake has just been introduced into the market. If you haven’t heard of it by now then you are sure to hear about Tower 200 reviews soon. Randy Couture is currently endorsing this great piece of equipment by Body by Jake. Randy is a multi time champion fighter and since he gave his endorsement of it, is it being used by athletes all over. You will have the opportunity to train with the same equipment and use the same exercises that former champion Randy Couture has done.

In just a few minutes you will be able to attach the portable steel frame to the back of your door. It is like having a complete gym at your finger tips. The door gym is space saver because it attaches to your door and there is no other clunky equipment to mess with. Thus making out working out at home painless and easy.

You will have the ability to perform over 200 exercise routines and with 200 pounds of resistance, you won’t need anything else. With this resistance, you’ll have the ability to get leaner and stronger really fast. Any piece of equipment would not be complete without workouts. There are workouts included that are pretty intense and even one being an 11 minute workout. The others are called The Warrior , The Demon, and The Freak .

If you are tired of dragging yourself to the gym and wasting hours of precious time in your car, then you will want to check out the Tower 200. Your goal is to have shorter and more effective workouts so you will have more time to take care of those other important things you want to do. You will also like the fact that you can do a few of the same workouts that mixed martial arts champion like Randy Couture currently do.

Check out the video of the Tower 200 being used and see if it’s for you