Susan Boyle – The Fairytale Via YouTube

An unemployed, 47-years old woman takes the center stage and everyone is laughing at her. With her unpolished appearance, unappealing figure, bushy eyebrows, double chin and mop-top hair everybody is expecting her to be a laughingstock. But as soon as she starts singing with her exceptional voice all of those people who laugh and smirk at drop their jaw and eyes swam in tears. She is Susan Boyle, a lady with plain look but gifted with exceptional voice. Susan is the living and breathing example of the adage “Do not judge the book with its cover.” 

Nowadays, fairytale happens without the aid of potions, magic wand and fairy godmothers. For some people like Susan Boyle, fairytale happens via YouTube. Susan’s fairytale had begun when she auditioned for biggest talent search in UK, the Britain’s Got Talent. Armed with fake bravado of confidence and enormous amount of talent she marched into staged to be judged a woman and two men who were known for being perfectionist and cynical. Much more than that, she is to be judged by millions of audiences who are equally, if not more, perfectionist, cynical and scornful. It is very clear the she is nervous, but being the heroine of her own fairytale she keep on marching forward and set herself on the middle of the stage.

Like every heroine on a fairytale, Susan is yet to reveal her secret magic weapon, the only weapon she can rely on, her magical golden voice. The heroine opens her mouth and came out a magical voice so true that bring those scornful eyes into tears and humbled all the cynical who heard. It was clearly a triumph for an underdog who makes it against all odds. In her triumphs many individual dreams are being realized. 

It was just the beginning of the electronically inspired fairytale. Susan Boyle remarkable performance in which she sang I Dreamed a Dream, an anthem from Les Miserables, was uploaded into YouTube. From then on she becomes a sensation. Within 9 days her performance were viewed more than 100 million times. After 16 days it exceeds more than 170 million hits and keeps on growing at 8 million everyday. Queen of talk show Oprah has invited her as a guest on her show, and the famous Larry King Live has already spoken to her.

Tina wrote for Susan Boyle.