Working Out at Home – Revealing 3 Secrets to Exercise at Home

Those of you who workout at home benefit from big time savings in terms of travel to and from the gym, and of course gym fee savings. However, if you don’t work out right it all counts for nothing. Here I will reveal the 3 big steps in each workout you do at home.

1. Pre-Workout Secrets

In the build-up to the workout, you need to eat some good quality grains, complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, wholegrain bread, and eat a meal like this about 1 to 2 hours before the workout. Also eat plenty of fruit before the workout, to give you extra hydration and nutrients, because high intensity exercise will create a small amount of free radicals. The other thing you need to do is prepare a bottle of cold water to keep by your side. Just before you proceed with your workout routine, you should perform some stretches and focus them on all the major muscle groups.

2. Workout

The workout you normally do may involve weights or just bodyweight exercises. Either way, in the home, I would recommend you to follow a system of high intensity exercise followed by short recovery breaks. The reason for this style of training is scientific. The result of high intensity exercise will propel your body systems to a new level of energy, and performance. The reason is that the body always prepares itself for the event similar to what it just experienced. If you expose your body to something challenging even if the high intensity exercise just lasts for a minute or two, that will cause your body to respond. Your body will build muscle and burn fat to get ready for this kind of challenge in the future. That is basically the core secret to effective exercise.

3. Post Workout

If you did a good workout, it will have caused you to sweat a lot. That’s great, because sweat helps to remove toxins from the body, and washes out dead cells, heavy metals, and wastes. This is why a shower is essential. After exercise you need to take a good shower, and wash off all the sweat. If you live near a sauna, you could go a step further, and take a sauna, and alternate between cold and hot baths for maximum muscle benefit. The final piece in the exercise puzzle is to take some high protein food intake within 30 to 45 minutes after exercise. This gives your muscles the building blocks it needs to replace fat with core muscle.

So, there it is. Follow the 3 step formula, and every workout you do will give your more bang for your time and effort. Look forward to lower fat percentage, higher muscle percentage, higher energy, and looking younger.

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