Why Choose Running In The Morning

Different people exists obvious differences. Cardiovascular function and physical condition is different, so the movement of time, frequency, exercise also should not machine-made. If conditional allowed, expert proposal, you had better according to the healthy check-up and your calendar and dietary laws.

Running is a kind of movement to exercise your whole body. It can make systemic muscle contraction and relaxation of rhythmical. Also it may add muscle fiber and muscle protein. We can judge your health from your muscle, especially to those men.

Second, bone is the framework of the body and the lever of human movements. Teenagers are in the growth process, so if they insist on running, it can improve blood circulation, increase the supply of nutrients to bone cells, improve the growth ability of the cells and manage the bone growth at last. While to elderly people, their metabolism is slower and turns up many kinds of illness. If they insist on running, it can strengthen the metabolism and predict many kinds of illness.

Third, our whole body blood supply centre is heart. Also hurt is our life motive power. Running for a long time make you stronger, and have more protein. We can see clearly that athletes’ hurt is bigger than others through X-ray. Average person heart holds blood for 765-785 milliliter, but the exercisers can hold 1015-1027 milliliter. And heart beat less 10-20 times per minute. So we can say our hurt has less burden. On the other hand, running can strengthen the heart tolerance. Gerenally speeking, you will feel dizzy, flustered, asthma if your hurt beat is beyond 100 times a minute. However, people who insist on running can stand 150 times every minute.

Four, life can not continue without oxygen in every second. We all know that we inhale fresh oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide. A good method to measure whether our functionality is healthy or not is vital capacity and maximal voluntary ventilation. Running can improve lung function. A trained athlete can have 33-60 percent more oxygen absorbed quantity than general person.

Five, running can make gastric creep force enhancement, digestive secretion increased, improve digestion and absorption ability, thus increased appetite, supplements the nutrition, strengthen physique.

Six, running is helpful to women, help them adjust menstruation and reduce gynecological diseases. The American famous doctor pointed that 394 female athletes of the menstrual cycle recovered their normal menstruation. Because the running increased metabolism, promote digest absorb ability, adjust the nervous system function, improve the endocrine function.

Seven, running can cultivate one’s will and perseverance, strengthen toughness and tolerance, improve the sensitivity and promote the adapt ability to environment. One persisting in the movement, have three characteristics: quick action, big potential, give maximize potential function to complete the task, quick recovery, eliminate fatigue, also can quickly recovered to calm.

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