When You Become Old

You know you are going to enter the fourth quarter of your life. Everything is loaded. With me, I find a way to have a wonderful time in my life as the hang-ups’ slip away. You have lived for your children, spouse and grandchildren. Now it’s time you live for yourself. One morning, I woke up and saw I was bored with my kitchen for 38 years. It was functional and I satisfied needs for others on and on. Why I continue to take care of others?  Now, I decided to deny myself. I said to co-dependents when they are about to die the other persons life flashes before their eyes.



I am proud to report I am a recovering caretaker. I am finally taking care of myself and learning how to listen to someone and be detached from their issues. Some of you are wondering right now how?  Others are thinking I have never had that problem.


My Mother has turned 89 years old and still lives on her own. She works as a volunteer every Monday and reads up on issues. Her mind is active. I have sisters on Social Security and it occurred to me what a difference 20 years will make. All of a sudden I realized my own life is flying by and I had never looked at my physical or mental needs. If I lived to the age of my Fathers death I have approximately 14 years left. Yes, we all will die. I do not want to make this article about depression but the opposite about living your own life to the fullest.


I noticed my own adult children never called and said How are you Mom? I was the cheerleader and happy for them when they accomplished things. I was there many times for the crisis and I only wished I had been able to do more for them when they were young. I realized I paid for years one way or another for my many parental failings. If your youngest child is going to be 35 you wonder when will they finally grow up?


Then it happens you realize in order for your children to grow up you must release them to their own mistakes. I became the person I am today because of my many mistakes. I learned from my mistakes and moved on.  The one mistake I did not learn from was how I was treated by people.  I did not expect anything from anybody and I am positive I did get exactly what I expected.  It is a one day at a time to live for yourself instead of others. One day you are alone and face yourself.  What will you say?  Are you really doing what you want to do today?


Ruth Bruegger lives in Rockton Illinois with her Husband Hans. Ruth has 4 grown children and eight grandchildren. Ruth has owned her own business for 15 years. She has attended the Eureka Ranch to learn marketing and was on the radio with Doug Hall. Ruth has been written up for Tourism ideas in a book written by the University of Wisconsin. She has her CIAO in Taxes. Ruth wrote political bios, church missions newsletter and the first History of Harlem Township. She was the first woman on the Zoning Board in Rockton IL, also served on the Village Board. She has won many business awards over the years as well as being chosen to receive a Volunteer Award. Ruths passion is checking out new and interesting places and people. Ruths latest vision is to bring the Creative Secrets of Rockton Roscoe and South Beloit to you no matter where you live. To learn more about Ruth’s journey go to http://www.creative-secrets-in-rockton-roscoe-south-beloit.com