Want a 10 Minute Weight Loss Workout?

We are all very busy, that’s why you are in need of a fun, easy, and exciting 10 minute weight loss workout. I’m going to teach you a quick 10 minute workout that’s going to slim you down and keep your heart healthy and working great. Doing this every day will only take you 1 hour a week. With 16 hours in a day, I think we can both agree this is worth it.

Run in Place for 3 minutes

You start your 10 minute weight loss workout with a simple 3 minute in place running exercise. Not only is this easy, but because it’s so short anyone can do it. Once you finish reading you can put it to use. This will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Pump your legs and make sure never to stop. If you stop, you will ruin the entire process. Trust me, this is not going to get too hard.

Run up and down the stairs for 4 minutes

This step is very self explanatory. If you have no stairs you can exchange this for more running in place. Running up and down stairs is really a secret for a few reasons. First, by changing your elevation you are making it harder for blood to flow to your body. What this does it cause your body to use up fat to give you energy. Following the same principal, if you have not stopped yet your and your tired your body will be even more likely to start using fat to provide your legs with energy to keep going.

Jumping Jacks for the Final 3 Minutes

Your probably going to be tired once you have to do these, but work through it. In 3 minutes you will feel great! Jumping jacks work out the entire body so it is a great way to lose weight.

This is the end of the 10 minute weight loss workout. There is no need to do anymore for the day. Do this every day for the next month and you will lose 10 pounds guaranteed. As long as you burn through your routine you will feel great.