Use Morning Stretching Exercises Start the Day On Top Form

Doing morning stretches is the best way to start your day, to loosen up your muscles and make you feel energized and ready for anything.

Doing morning stretching exercises increases blood flow to your muscles, helps your digestive, circulatory, respiration and nervous systems. They also help reduce stress and even weight loss as part of a larger diet and exercise program.

So basically you should start one right away, well at least tomorrow morning!

The list below is hardly exhaustive but I hope it gives you some ideas. Plus, if you have body areas that you know need more attention then you should put more focus on them, in my own case as I do a lot of evening workout classes with heavy leg work I often feel it in the legs first thing so I tend to do more leg stretches. In the past I’ve also had some Achilles and groin strain problems so I like to do stretches for those areas so that I never get those nasty problems again so for me I also add some good leg and calf stretching.

Morning Stretches one

A superb general easy leg stretch and my favourite as it will do several elements of the leg all at once.

1) Kneel with 1 foot on the floor and put your weight over the knee.
2) Using your heel on the floor lean forwards.
3) This stretch can place a fair bit of stress on your Achilles so lean in to it slowly.
4) Keep in the stretch for at least twenty seconds, and then repeat using your other leg.

If you want, you will find you can put some force into your upper leg area and so get some good groin stretching going too. Do not push to hard, it is intended to be a morning stretch, warm up or down or rehabilitation exercise rather than a dancers flexibility exercise. I find it to be quite relaxing and pleasant.

Morning Stretches two

1) Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor.
2) Bend over, reaching both hands toward the feet.
3) Arch your back.
4) Hold for just a count of ten.
5) Do five more times.

Morning Stretches three

1) Stay seated on the edge of your seat using your feet on the floor.
2) Turn your neck in a circle, pressing your ears to your shoulders.
3) Turn slowly in a clockwise way five times.
4) Turn slowly in a counter clockwise way five times.

Morning Stretches 4

1) Stay seated on the edge of the seat using your feet on the floor.
2) Shrug shoulders up to your head.
3) Do ten more times.

Morning stretching exercises five

1) Stand beside your seat.
2) Lace your fingers with each other.
3) Raise both hands above your head, palms upwards.
4) Lift up stretching out your rib cage.
5) Hold for a count of ten.
6) Do five more times

Morning Stretches six

1) Stay standing alongside your seat.
2) Bend over and contact your fingers to the toes while keeping your knees straight.
3) Hold for a count of ten.
4) Do it again five more times.

Morning Stretches seven

1) Lie flat on the floor
2) Place your arms at your side
3) Slowly and gradually raise your legs over your head
4) Carry on and raise your legs till your toes touch the ground behind your head
5) Hold the position for 15 seconds
6) Do it again 3 times

Morning Stretches 8

1) Lie flat on your stomach
2) Push up with both of your arms bending backwards
3) Continue until your arms are straight
4) Keep the position for 15 seconds
5) Do it again 3 times

Morning Stretches 9

1) Sit on the floor using your legs straight out in front of you
2) Stretch forward toward your toes
3) Continue until a light stretch is felt behind your knees
4) Hold the position for 15 seconds
5) Repeat 3 times

To see free videos of these morning stretching exercises visit and also get a 29 page free “Best ever” morning stretches guide and a superb free 1 hour stretching instruction MP3 download.