Morning Sickness Remedies – The List

Morning sickness affects from 50 to 80% of women who are pregnant.  If you’re one of the lucky few that has avoided morning sickness then good for you.  If you’ve been plagued with that morning nausea, then a lot of people will offer morning sickness remedies for you to try.  Since doctors aren’t really sure what causes morning sickness, they’re not really sure how to cure it.  Since they think it’s caused by multiple factors, not every remedy will work for every person. Anyway here’s a list of things to try, they were given to me by friends that found relief with them.  

Eating something high in protein before you go to bed at night can help.  You need more protein in general during pregnancy so sometimes it helps you avoid empty stomach and low blood sugar to eat something before you go to bed.  Since low blood sugar is also thought to be a cause of morning sickness eating things that combat that can help too.  There is a candy called preggo pops that is marketed to prevent morning sickness.  Actually any fruit flavored candy can help, you’re looking for something with sugar and citric acid.  Lemon candy or Jolly Ranchers are good so is peppermint and cinnamon candy.  Something like peppermints or what are commonly know as “atomic fireballs”.  You can also try actual citrus fruit, some of my friends mentioned that canned fruit helped, other said fresh watermelon helped them.  Any sugary fruit can counteract the blood sugar drop.

A lot of people will recommend drinking a carbonated drink, usually a non-cola drink.  Be sure to avoid ones with caffeine, look for lemon or orange flavored drinks.  The sugar and carbonation can help an upset stomach.  A lot of people will tell you drink ginger ale.  It can work because of the sugar and carbonation, but it actually has no ginger in it.  There are ginger ales out there that have real ginger but it can be too spicy for a lot of people, I know it was for me.  

Ginger has long been known to help stomach upset, it’s been a folk remedy for years.  Science has lately proved that their is some truth to it, it has been known to help some people with nausea.  Instead of ginger ale, you can try candied ginger root.  It’s spicy like fresh ginger, but not as strong, plus the sugar in it helps cut the bite of the ginger and the sugar helps with low blood sugar.

Crackers are also known to help with morning sickness, they can help absorb stomach acid, plus they are simple carbohydrates that can quickly raise blood sugar.  Saltines are a common choice, but many of my friends said goldfish crackers helped them better than saltines.  Probably because the extra protein in cheese crackers gave some added benefit.

All of these remedies were given to my by people that used them, and it worked for them. Not all of them worked for me. Peppermint candy worked the best, I carried them with me everywhere. The ginger didn’t work so well for me, ginger ale helped, but I couldn’t take the taste of the real ginger. Unfortunately not every morning sickness remedy works for everyone, and not every one works all the time. You’ll probably have to try out several of them before you find one that works and you’ll probably have to change. My morning sickness lasted for 6 months so I had to mix it up a little. Hopefully yours won’t last that long.