How To Prevent Feet Hurt In The Morning Exercise

Morning exercises should choose soft ground. It is ok to do healthy running around the path sports stadium. Running in the hard field is really not a clever choice.

Don’t wear hard sole shoes to run. You can choose softer thicker sole shoes, such as galoshes or sneakers. Also these shoes can be replaced by clothing sole shoes. But don’t wear hard sole leather shoes or plastic shoes.

A rational running gesture is very necessary. You should hit the ground with heel but not arch. According to this; it can decrease the force and develop the arch elasticity. Cushioning force should be appropriate, avoiding powerful. This makes people feel lighter and rich flexibility and also can decrease the feet burden, not only everlasting but also keeping away from pains.

When running, shoe lace can not be tied too tense, or it will hinder foot blood circulation. You should soak the foot bath with hot water, especially after your long term morning running or before go to bed every night, because it can decrease the feet muscle’s stickiness and increase the flexibility or extensibility of muscle. What is more, it can prevent pains and is helpful to your next morning exercise.

You should do some warm-up activities and adjusting activities before and after the running in the morning. You can not take part in the morning exercise until do sufficient the limb hip, knee, ankle, muscles, tendons and ligaments be opened. These are also very important to protect the foot.

Before sports exercise, doing some simple limbs motion and it is safe and effective to do some simple limbs activities exercise. In the cold winter, our muscle’s elasticity and ductility decrease obviously and the whole body the joint flexibility is also bad.It is easy to cause muscle, ligaments or joint sprains unless you do some warm-up sports.

Take good care of your shoes is ballanced to protecting your feet. Those people who attend running realize that a pair of good shoes is very important. Especially in the long run match, the shoes play a vital role to their record.

We can not pay too much to the brand of a good pair of running shoes. Those big-time boots perhaps are not suitable for you. When choose shoes, you should chose those fit you feet but not feet your shoes. In the meantime, the shoes’ airpermeability should be better and you should clear that solid do not means durable. Because the sports shoes can not last too long, normally one and a half years. It lies in the number of your exercise.

What is more; it lies in the place you choose to exercise. For example, the runway is soft and rich elasticity, so you should wear a pair of thin sole sneakers. If you wear a pair of thick foam-rubber cushion shoes, you will feel you on the cotton battle.

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