10 Minute Workout Schedules For Women

Ladies, if you are strapped for time and can’t workout, then it’s time to break those shackles and get lean, fit and athletic.

In this article I am going to share with you one of my 10 minutes workout which I use for my female clients. This goal of this workout is to lose excess fat, improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen your ligaments and joints.

Now it looks like I am promising too much, but don’t worry, I always keep my promises. BTW don’t worry about the effectiveness of working out in 10 minutes. The intensity of the workout will keep that in check.

In this workout, I use kettlebell for 10 minutes with my favorite exercise “kettlebell swing.”

The best part of kettlebell swing is that it’s a full body workout. You don’t have to worry about doing multiple exercises for all your body parts. It works on your legs, hamstring, thighs, butts, arms, lower back, shoulders. Like I said, full body.

What size of kettlebell you should chose in this routine?

You should chose a size which you are comfortable for at least 10 reps with one arm. Because this is going to be very high intensity. We’ll keep the numbers of reps per set short (up to 5 rep per arm).

The goal : Do as many swings possible in next 10 minutes. Maximum number of reps per arms – 5. Minimum number of reps – 1.

You can take as many breaks as necessary. This way, you’ll be working out with a weight, reps and speed that your body is comfortable with and then stretch the limits of your body.

You should count and track the numbers you should in 10 minutes. And always try to improve your score whenever you do this workout.

Now if you are wondering, this system is based on Escalating density method by Charles Staley. In this system, you work on increasing density as you progress in the program. If you think 10 minutes will be easy. you are in going to be for a really big surprise.

Can you imagine the effects of this kind of workout? 10 minutes workout 4-5 days per week will give you the body you desire. Imagine what you’ll do with all the time (and health) you now have. For more 10 minutes workout at my website/blog http://www.10minutesonly.com.